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Collection: Swaddle Blanket
Swaddle your baby snugly and securely with our soft, stretchy and sturdy swaddles

90% parents surveyed would recommend this swaddle blanket to a friend

What Makes Lil Orso Different


Generous size (nearly 4ft x 4ft) makes swaddling larger babies a piece of cake without having to purchase multiple swaddles with different sizes

Multiple Uses - Can also be used as a stroller cover, car seat cover, picnic blanket cover, changing blanket, or cleaning blanket


We’ve avoided muslin cotton – and made your blanket from rayon instead. It’s softer of course, but more importantly, it’s  smoother, the threads don’t snag over time, and colors retain vibrancy even after several washings

Health & Safety

Adjustable and flexible rayon allows multiple swaddling options to keep your baby warm and secure, as well as possibly calm a baby with colic

Light, breathable, and stretchy to allow your newborn to be wrapped up tight but still be able to move comfortably


Stylish, sophisticated and modern patterns

Child safe

Complies with US child product safety requirements, including flammability, sharp edges and small parts


TOG thermal effectiveness of our swaddle wrap is 1.17 offering the right comfort for moderate seasons or climates

Chemical Safe

Free of harmful chemicals

Flame Safe

Not dangerously flammable.

Choke Safe

Complies with federal regulations to prevent children under three choking on, inhaling, or swallowing small objects

Recall Safe

Includes permanent marks for improving recall effectiveness

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