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Collection: Burp Cloths
Reduce burping messes with our triple-layered, super absorbent, soft organic burp cloths

thousands of lil ones have already used our burp cloths

What Makes Lil Orso Different


Three exceptionally thick layers provide better strong than market leading burp cloth brands.

Multiple Uses - quick changing pad on the go, baby towel after a messy lunch or even a place mat for messy toddlers. Parents have told us that they keep a spare one in the car for emergencies


Safe for machine wash – designed to reduce effect of cotton shrinkage even after multiple washes


Made with organic cotton, which conserves energy and water consumption per kg of textile output


Modern, cute patterns for the discerning millennial mom

Child safe

Complies with US child product safety requirements, including flammability, sharp edges and small parts


Not treated with pesticides, conserves natural resources like water

Chemical Safe

Free of harmful chemicals

Flame Safe

Not dangerously flammable.

Choke Safe

Complies with federal regulations to prevent children under three choking on, inhaling, or swallowing small objects

Recall Safe

Includes permanent marks for improving recall effectiveness

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